Remembrance Day 2018

Again I am very thankful to Ms. Mani, the Principal, that she had prepared and planned the Evelin’s Remembrance Day so unbelievably beautiful. We had to be ready quite early on February 16th, because the journey started at 7 a.m. We drove north along the Bay of Bengal. After driving about 5 hours through a very agricultural landscape and passing many small villages, we reached Rajahmundry at the Godavari river, which leads into the Bay of Bengal about 80 km east of the city. Rajahmundry is the second most important trading platform for textiles in India. The Godavari is the third largest river of India, approximately 1.500 km long, and it flows from the west to the east. The „Godavari Bridge“ in Rajahmundry, which consists of three bridges, is almost 3 km long.

General Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton (1803-1899) is immortalized in the city with several statues and a museum. He was an irrigation engineer and is still held in high regards. He was also responsible for building the bridge, a lock and several dams and aqueducts.  We visited all these places and got to know the city. Over night we stayed in the River Bay Resort, which we left early the next morning to walk to the ship on the Godavari river. We had breakfast on the ship. Now we drove through Papikondalu, the „Papi Hills“ countryside, a mountain range along the river on both river banks .  The scenery was fascinating and the program on the ship was also diversified and interesting. The children sang, danced and performed several sketches, moreover a teacher had come along and played different games with the children. Three students were also on board, who play music on weekends to finance their studies. They were excellent, everyone was asked to dance, even Heike and I. It was a cheerful journey, and nontheless, now and then we remembered Evelin. She was among us. Of course, we also had lunch served on the ship. After this sunny, eventful and wonderful day trip we drove back to the Home which we reached at midnight. These were two informative and happy days for the girls, which they will remember for a long time.

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