Evelin was born on June 19, 1962 in Munich. When she was 3 years old, she emigrated with her mother to the USA where she grew up. After her mother remarried, the family lived in California, Colorado and Germany. Evelin also spent one year as exchange student in Finland which she liked very much.

Evelin had a very happy and open nature, entertained everyone with her cheerful chatting and asked questions over questions. She was very eager to learn and a real bookworm. She also learned to play the accordion, then the piano, she took ballet lessons and much, much more.      

After beginning to study biology, medicine and chemistry, Evelin decided then in Colorado, where the family moved to for professional reasons, to study mathematics and biochemistry.


Evelin was always helpful, warm-hearted and loving with people and animals.  She was intelligent, wise and sympathetic, and she could not pass by people in need. Donations for maltreated and needy children were a must for her, perhaps because her childhood had not been easy.  Mother and daughter have always been very close.

In 1991 Evelin visited her grandmother in Munich. At this occasion she also visited her girlfriend Heike, who now lived with her family in Wilhelmshaven.

In 1995, on the occasion of a visit in Munich, Evelin decided to live there, while her parents remained in California. She acquired two kittens, found a partner and was well-liked by everyone.

After retiring, her mother returned to Munich with her husband, to live close to her daughter. However, they had only 1 ½ years left. Although Evelin and all who were close to her fought the insidious cancer, she left us on May 16, 2010. She looked so beautiful, young, happy, angelic, with a radiant smile.  She had seen heaven, her soul is pure.

Our obituary comprises all feelings:
“Evelin, our dearest darling, our angel, our joy, you will live with us forever. We have admired, infinitely much learned, were astonished by and can never forget your unconditional love and kindness, humility, intelligence and wisdom, calmness and tolerance, your unbelievable gratitude for living and being able to feel every moment.

Your “gratitude and love forever” as you called it, for everything others did for you to dispel your fears and doubts. You were so sincere, honest, warmhearted, loving, simply a good person, without a trace of evil in your heart and so wise. Your dry humor, your happy and positive way were contagious. We will miss your kind presence unbelievably, think forever of you and try always to feel you around us.”


Only one note from Evelin’s colleagues that applies to all: everyone recognized Evelin in the words of our obituary, that she had always been helpful, sweet and warm, that she had always spread joyfulness, that she had always found the right words when others had problems. Evelin cannot be forgotten, one can only emulate her. She touched people’s hearts.

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