Remembrance Day 2017

This year, again, we could not fly to India in order to be there on Evelin’s Remembrance Day and to spend a few days with our foster children and all children. This year the girls celebrated our birthdays again with us via Skype. These were wonderful experiences for us.

We let them celebrate the Remembrance Day again on two days, i.e., on the first day they travelled to Bhavani Island and on the second day they visited the amusement park Haia Land. The girls obviously enjoyed this time, as the following photos indicate. To our delight, we were able to speak with the girls via Skype and could see how much effort the Principal had put into organizing these days.

On the ship to the island they sang, danced and performed sketches and they remembered Evelin. The biggest surprise for us was that the Principal had masks made of Evelin’s face for all girls; in addition two girls wore masks with our faces. Thus we took part at this party and had about 70 Evelins around us. It was overwhelming!!
On the second day the girls were able to explore Haia Land and enjoy there the pool, rides and the so-called „Raindance“.

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