Remembrance Day 2016

In 2016 we did not fly to India for health reasons. This, however, did not stop the Principal from celebrating Evelin’s Remembrance Day.

On February 13th the girls celebrated the day in the Home. The Principal organized various games, inside and outside. The children sang and danced, participated in competitions of drawing, writing short essays, a Bibel quiz and they had fun into the late evening. The Bishop and other guests were also present and commemorated Evelin. The Principal and several girls said a few words in Evelin’s memory.

In the afternoon of the next day, everybody drove to the beach in Machilipatnam and had fun there. On the beach, Evelin was being remembered by placing photos and a banner. Evelin was commemorated by several speeches. Afterward, the children had the opportunity to play in the water and to enjoy the beach.

On the third day, a „cultural day“ took place, on which the Pastor, the project coordinator and all tuition teachers took part as well. All commemorated Evelin. This year’s  Evelin Christiane All Round Award went to a final year student. 

The birthday celebrations on Evelin’s and our birthdays, organized by the Principal, were totally successful surprises. The Principal had asked us to call via Skype on that day at 4 p.m. what we did. After a short conversation with the Principal, the children started to talk – all at once- a jumble – birthday wishes – each girl tried to talk to us. We were all excited – the photos speak for themselves and show the loving preparation of the celebrations and the attention and the engagement of the children. The many drawings of the girls reflect their affection.

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