Evelin’s Remembrance Day 2014

On 21st of February 2014 the girls of the Deenabandhu Home for Girls spent ‘Evelin’s Remembrance Day’ on the Bhavani Island in the river Krishna near Vijayawada. We had planned our trip to India around this day.

Before leaving the Home, we took already a lot of pictures, with our foster children, with all girls, the principal and the manager of the Home. This gave us an opportunity to talk with all children and especially with our new foster girls, foremost with Siva and Mani K., who are in training and needed to return to their respective training hospital the next day.

The trip on the ship to the island was already for the children and for us a memorable experience. The Krishna is a very wide and mighty river and one passes houses and tropical vegetation.

Our attention, however, focused most of the time on the program which the principal had again organized very lovingly to celebrate the remembrance of Evelin. Already on the ship, the upper deck was decorated in memory of Evelin and there was much said about Evelin, there was singing and reciting. The children and we received a white shoulder scarf with Evelin’s portrait and the imprint “Remembrance Day of our beloved Evelin Christiane”. On the stage, this portrait was also printed on the back wall. Of course, the banners with Evelin’s values and ideals were not missing either. Even a framed photo of Evelin stood on the stage as background for several speakers with prayers for and speeches about Evelin. The children sang again, which they love to do, performed a few sketches and drew pictures. It was very festive and loving and touched us very much.

On the island itself, which is lush, green, covered with trees and flowers and offers a lot of space, we were served a delicious lunch.

Afterwards the children played various games, talked and went for walks with us on the island to explore it. A former pastor, who works now as independent minister, played several games with the children, discussed “tolerance” and other topics with them playfully, and at the end performed as ventriloquist.

It was hard to leave this beautiful environment, but in the end we had to return on the ship. We came back to the Home so late that everybody went to sleep right away. It had been a gorgeous day.


You can read more about our trip to India under „Our Trip to India in 2014“.




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