Emilia Sharkey Project for Girls

Emphasis in the project of the Emilia Sharkey Project for Girls in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India is put on education and vocational schooling as well as on health and nutrition of the children. The Evelin Christiane Gräfin von Bethusy-Huc Foundation can contribute to it meaningfully and lastingly. The Foundation started at the end of 2011 to support the project and two foster children in the project, that is, until completion of vocational education or studies. In the meantime two more foster children were added. In the following years four more foster children have been added. In addition, the Foundation finances the last two respectively four years of education of two girls to become a health consultant, respectively a registered nurse. Siva has completed her education in 2017 and is applying for a position; Mani K. will complete her studies in 2018 to become a registered nurse.

Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Machilipatnam lies on the coast in Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. With an area of 275.045 square kilometers, Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest state in India and borders in the east on the Bay of Bengal.  

To the many sights of the coastal town at the Bay of Bengal, which is popular with tourists, belongs, among others, the Noble College, an old Christian College.

Many men go out to sea to fish, others work in fish processing plants or in agriculture. Here in the area of the Krishna river delta the earth is very fertile: sugar cane, bananas, rice and various grains grow well. Because pay is very low, people can hardly earn enough for their families to survive. They live in small thatched clay houses.  Inspite of general compulsory education, many children do not attend school.

The Project
In order to help the children of poor families in the area of Machilipatnam to receive schooling, the Krishna Godavari Diocese of the South Indian Church built a home for girls in 1974 which has since been supported by the Kindernothilfe.  A new building was built and trained teachers and various assistants look after the girls.
From the Home for Girls, the children attend the nearby public schools. The Home provides them with school books and study material. The girls are looked after doing their homework and receive remedial education. The children spend their vacation as much as possible with their families.

Create Trust
The children receive in the project holistic support and education. The help is based on pedagogics which encourages approaching children and youngsters with love and unconditional appreciation, and to support them on their way to a self-confident, independent personality as best as possible.

Besides the school attendance, the girls have the opportunity to learn various practical skills to ease their way onto the job market.  They also receive regular job counseling to prepare the girls for an education fitting their talents and preferences.  The girls can also learn a musical instrument. Song and dance are also being offered.

Nutrition and Health

Health and well-balanced nutrition play a decisive role in the project work.

Great value is also placed in the project on attractive leisure activities. The children have various sports equipment and games available to them.  Excursions, picnics as well as other festivities (for instance at Christmas) offer a break from the school routine.

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