Dalit Girls in India

The so-called „Devadasi“ („Servant of God“) System has already existed for centuries. Initially these were women from the higher castes who played an important role in temples at ceremonies and rituals. Unfortunately the women were sexually assaulted, so that currently only members of the Madigas, a subgroup of the Dalits, better known as “untouchables”, perform these services.


Kindernothilfe and their local partner campaign for a more just society in India. The Bandhavi project is about a way out of the vicious circle, i.e. about the direct support of the girls from the affected families and about the abolition of this system.


More than 130 children and youths live now in the Childrens’ Village Koppal. They attend the project-owned  elementary school, take part in music and theater workshops, pursue sustainable agriculture and can attend the project-owned college.


The children are also taken care of medically.


In summer camps school instructions are playfully continued. Lessons in math and languages, like Kannada, Hindi and English deepen the children’s knowledge. When performing sketches, the girls can realize their full potential and in discussion groups and workshops they discuss various topics. Of course, they also have fun with arts and crafts and other activities.


The Evelin Christiane von Bethusy-Huc Foundation supported this project in 2015 and 2016.


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