Engagement in 2018

In 2018 I flew to India with a girlfriend of Evelin as my husband was prevented for health reasons from joining me. Heike and Evelin knew each other since school times and had kept in touch. Heike and Christian have two children. I am very thankful to Heike for joining me, since she is like Evelin, warmhearted, smart and loving. We experienced beautiful days with the children, especially because they can now converse in English very well. The girls liked Heike also very much since she introduced them to Yoga and crocheting.
On the last day there was again a „cultural program“, where the girls sang several songs and performed some dances. Then we distributed to the children small prizes and also the „Evelin Allround Award“ was handed out, this year to our foster child Anitha.

Support was given:

  • For the school year 2018/19 the Foundation again finances 8 tuition teachers.
    This program is important, because  the current Indian Government does not replace retired teachers in Christian high-schools. The subjects are: Conversational English, English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi, Telugu and Social Science, Computer, Elementary. Daily lessons happen from 7 to 8.30 a.m. and from 6 to 8.30 p.m., sometimes till 9.30 p.m. The children have always since the start of these tuition classes passed the government exams at the end of the school year. After the 10th school year they can continue at a vocational school or they can attend a College and then a university, depending on their chosen profession.
  • Our fosterchild Mani K. will complete her education as registered nurse in December 2018. Three of our foster children are attending College now and prepare for the study to become a teacher and a multipurpose health consultant. The third girl wants to become a teacher, however, she is very talented and we are trying to get her accepted in an acting program. Her performance of parts in plays by Shakespeare touched the audience deeply. 
  • The Foundation continues to support the 7 foster children, including the last year of Mani K., who completes her education as registered nurse.
  • The Foundation finances the education at an „English Middle School“ for a gifted girl.
  • The Remembrance Day was this year again celebrated on two days. This year the girls and we had the opportunity to get to know another part of South India.
  • For the library to steel-glass-cabinets were purchased for the books.
  • A student, who had finished her  studies in 2017 and had started a job as teacher at a private school, was able to pick up her „Evelin Achievement Award“.  This prize will be awarded yearly since 2017, in fact to girls who have completed their vocational training or studies and who have found a job.


Informationen zur Kindernothilfe: