Dreams for the future

The realization of dreams for the future takes a long time, but it is worthwhile to pursue them persistently.
After the yearly floods on the grounds of the Home and after the disastrous storms and floods in 2013 and 2014 something needed to be done for the rehabilitation of the buildings. Thanks to concerted efforts the following could be accomplished:

  • The foundations of the existing buildings were strengthened and some necessary repairs were made.
  • After determining that one of the buildings could no longer be repaired, everyone was dreaming of a new building. Kindernothilfe, the South Indian Church and the Principal, with the help of donations, also a donation by the Evelin Christiane Foundation and many friends, were able to finance and begin the construction of the new building in 2015. The first floor and an addition to the first floor for a sick-/guestroom were completed in 2016. The construction of the second floor of the new building was completed in 2017. Afterwards the furnishing of the building was planned and the new building was ready for occupancy at the beginning of 2018.
  • Thanks to  the advocacy of the Principal and the Bishop of the South Indian Church, the building was dedicated to Evelin, named “Evelin Christiane Memorial Hall„ and blessed by the Bishop.


When we talk with friends about Evelin, we miss her very much and we remember mostly her helpful and sincere personality, her calm and balanced judgment, her warm voice and her smile.  We all feel that the biggest part of her legacy, her upright and caring nature, we will forever carry within us.

This Project is being considered one of the best residential homes in India by all authoritative institutions and Kindernothilfe extended their support by five years. A financial support of the work of the principal is definitely bearing only positive fruit, not only in education and vocational training, but also in society, because the girls learn to pass on the knowledge to their fellow girls and boys and the community.
In the meantime the library was expanded and the books were put into iron-glass cabinets.
In the future the children would like to see additional programs offered, to have additional professions to choose from. The two remaining old buildings should also be replaced, the office building, where the children sleep in one half of the building, and the building with showers and toilets.

If you would like to support the work of Evelin’s Foundation, we would be happy about a donation.


Bank Connection

Evelin Christiane Gräfin von Bethusy-Huc Stiftung

Bankhaus Lampe
Hohenzollerndamm 134
14199 Berlin

IBAN: DE72 4802 0151 0191 5605 73

Stifternummer 501773

Donations have to be spent right away for the purpose for which they were collected. So-called “Zustiftungen” are increasing the capital of the Foundation, enabling it to spend the interest earned for a special project. In both cases, a receipt for the tax office will be provided.


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